Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March.. Already

Salt Lake City LDS Temple
Randy took me here for the first time two weeks ago, it is quite an amazing experience its absolutely beautiful especially knowing that everything was done by hand inside and out of that temple. The spirit felt there is so strong and I felt so blessed being able to have the oppurtunity to go inside and do a session with my husband and knowing the man I am there with is my eternal companion. We were down in SLC for the weekend I had told my two cousins Savannah, and Sierra that I'd come down the weekend of prom and do their hair so Randy and I decided to make a little get a way weekend out of it, so the saturday of prom Randy and I went to the temple and did a session and following our session we went and ate lunch at The Garden Restaurant thats on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building across from the famous "The Roof" restuarant. It was a great day to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon, especially with the man that I love more than words can say.
Ellie Pitcher

This little gal was born two weeks ago, and she is just the sweetest little girl I know. Her name is Ellie and she is niece number 5 for Randy and I and we are so glad that we have the oppurtunity to interact with all these beautiful children, we cannot wait until we are blessed with one as well. Love you Ellie!

On the first day of Spring March 20th of 2012, Randys dear Grandmother Rheabell Jackson Pitcher returned to her loving Heavenly Father, she had been suffering for many many years with congestive heart failure, the night before her passing the nurses said that she was very adjetated and was having a hard time speaking and being coherant. Sandy my mother in law went to the nursing home where she passed the night before and she said grandma rhea knew she was there but not enough to carry on a legitimate conversation. We love her very much and she will be deeply missed by her loving husband, two sons, two daughter in laws, all her grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews as well as all the peoples lives she blessed on her wonderful journey while here on this earth! We will always love and miss you Grandma Rhea!

Ombre/ Color Melting ... PERFECTION!
After nearly 5 and a half hours of coloring lightening bleaching and toning we finally perfected this beautiful hair color on the wonderful Miss Chelsie Low one of my best friends, she always has me do some new fun and new colors on her hair, we never ever do the same thing which I love. I love the variety of things that I get to do when Chelsie comes to my salon. Shes absolutely stunning inside and out, make sure you ladies text me 435.232.7841 if you are interested in getting this done. Its the hottest new trend!

Well enough with the picutres and captions for this entry, we are in the great and wonderful process of moving into our first new home. We have had the paint done last week and they are installing the new carpet as I am typing up this blog entry. We are so thrilled, now we just need to complete the little Pitcher family with a little puppy either a Teacup Yorkie or a Shih Tzu. So if any of you guys know anyone who sales them for a reasonable price please let me know and I'll love you forever, even though I already do.

Monday, January 23, 2012

As of lately...

This past Saturday was the annual Polar Plunge when people willingly jump into Hyrum Dam for a charity for the Special Olympics it truely is amazing to see how many people volunteer to do it! I couldn't it is so cold just sitting out there watching I can only imagine jumping in the freezing cold water, good thing there are men out there like my loving husband willing to do it, this year was his third plunge into the icy cold water!

This is little miss Luxi Francis my beautiful niece she is just growing so big so fast, and each and every day she looks more and more like her daddy Nick! We love them both so much she is almost 18 lbs! :) We love you lux a lou!

This is little Kelsey Kartchner she was in my nursery class at church she instantly caught my eye, I love her more than words can explain, this past week was her third birthday, so I couldn't resist getting her a baby doll, she always had a baby in nursery so this was taken right after she opened it her mom sent me a ton of pictures of her opening her present, and a video she was so excited. It made me so happy. This little girl is a fighter, she has eye cancer and she is such a trooper she has been doing so well lately. I am so glad that I have gotten to know her, and I am so sad that she is not in my sunbeams class now.  Good thing she is in my ward, and I still get too see her every Sunday! Love you Kels!

Last weekend Randy and I took my dads seasons tickets to the jazz and took our good friends Nic and Nichole Hyer down with us we went and had dinner at Rumbi and gateway, and then went over to the game we had a good time even though our jazz team didn't pull through for us, we still have faith in them and love them haha!

Two weekends ago we went to the USU hockey game cause Alpine was in charge of throwing shirts out after the second period, so Randy and I went along with my little sister NOEL and her best friend Carly, and our friends Bryce and Whitney, and the other girl I work with Krystal and her husband we all went and we had a really good time, and it was quite a surprise that non of us biffed it on our butts out on the ice!

This video is of my adorable little niece Luxi laughing and getting scared by here momma! She's adorable and I just cannot get enough of her!

This is the most exciting part about our as of lately, this is the house that we are in process of buying we are so excited. It'll be our first actual HOME and not just a  dumb apartment with us throwing away $500 dollars a month. Now we will actually be able to put that towards something that is our own! Hopefully that is what heavenly father is waiting for for us is to be stable in our own home, and having a permanent home and somewhere stable to have a baby!

Live is going great as of lately, just working away my life! Randy is as well, and we are just living life to the fullest that we possibly can. Just working and playing when we can this coming Friday we are going to Brad Paisley concert we are pretty excited, Brad Paisley concert was the first date that Randy took me on when we very very first started dating so its pretty exciting and something pretty special!

Well that's all your going to get for now, so hopefully I'll be back again SOON!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wow I'm a SLACKER!

We'll lets update ya'll on the Pitchers life.
Well I last posted in September which let me say that is unacceptable I'll do my best to keep up on this BLOGGING thing because it is fun!
October: We went to Oregon, to watch the Oregon Ducks kick some trash with my entire family which that was sure a blast that was the first official Harris Family Vacation with Jocelyn & Matt and their boys, Nick Kelszi and Luxi, Mom, Dad, Noel, Randy and Myself.
We had so much fun and it is so beautiful in Oregon, I'd go back anyday. That was the place where Randy saw the ocean, actually that is the ONLY place that Randy has seen the ocean so he sure in for a treat when we go to Cancuun this July with my family. He's going to see the BEAUTIFUL clear blue ocean water!
November: The month of giving we had a great thanksgiving with my family, and on Thanksgiving day we drove all the way to Fort Watchuka, Arizona which is 30 minutes away from the Mexican Border we took Kalecia Hulsey down there and saw Brandon her husband that is stationed there for basic. We had a fun time and on the way home we went through New Mexico where Randy served a full time two year LDS mission it was so cool to see where he served and everything. Also we had a down moment this month, I had my SECOND MISSCARRIAGE! That was very devistating, but we are keeping our heads held high and all we can do is keep trying and know that our heavenly father will bless us with one of thy children when the time is right.
December: Well this was a very very busy month for randy and I as well as both of our families, we had many family christmas parties work parties and church and friend parites for the fun holiday season. We went to SLC with my family and stayed over for two nights went christmas shopping, went to temple square and had dinner at the roof restaurant which is incredible, so if you haven't ever been there I highly recommend that you go there! 
And now we are up to date:
Well, its a new year and I couldn't be more excited.
My mom, Myself, My sisters Kelszi, Noel, and Jocelyn we are starting to meet with a trainer this Thursday night at sports academy and we are going to start one on one training with him so we all can get healthy and in shape, and be some sexy hott ladies when we go to Cancuun this summer! :)
Hopefully this losing weight and going on a diet thing will help me get pregnant as well, I have heard many times of girls that start excersizing and eating more healthy and shed a few pounds here and a few pounds there got pregnant two or three months after they started, so all ya'll reading this blog keep your fingers crossed for randy and I!

We also are in the process of buying my brother Nicholas' house, here in smithfield it is so cute, and we couldn't be more excited. This is the next new and exciting chapter in our lives together, it'll also be so nice for when I do get pregnante we will actually have a "HOME" not just a temporary apartment as a home! Ya know how it is right?
Well that probably is going to be all that ya'll get right now but I will do my best to keep ya'll updated on our lives, and I'll talk to you soon!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Been a while..

Well its been quite a while since I've spoken to my blogging world so I thought since it's Friday and I have absolutely no motivation I'd get on here and fill you guys in a little of whats going on in Randy and I's lives.
{No one needs to know that I am blogging, hey I'm on the computer typing it looks like I'm doing work and that is all that matters so you bloggers out there sssshhhh! Please and Thanks!}

Well, tonight is going to be such a blast.
My parents are going to the cabin for there 25th Wedding Anniversary! (Congrats Guys I love you both!)
My husband is going to scout camp. (Boooo, means wife is alone.)
Supposed to tend my little sister, she decided she wants to go the SV homecoming game with her friends, so  what does all that do to me?
Netflix and Grocery Shopping I guess..
Pure Happiness.

On the sixth of October we get to go to Oregon to go watch the oregon ducks play I am pretty excited. I am die hard duck fan, and I am so happy to just get out of Utah for a few days.
My Husband, Me, Nick, Kelszi, Luxi, Noel, My Mom, My Dad, Jocelyn, Matt, Boston, Carter, and baby Ryder were all going its going to be so much fun. It's our first complete family vacation its going to be a blast.

Well, if any of you bloggers out there are wanting your hair done! Text me 435.232.7841 or give me a jingle either one works, I'd love to get some new clientele I have a pretty stable one but it never hurts to get a few here and there.. Give me a little variety people!
Anyways, well thats all for now!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four Days and Counting..

I cannot believe that in four days it'll be ONE YEAR since I married the man of my dreams.
Time has gone by so fast I think I blinked and an entire year has gone by its complete insanity.
Well, today my parents and my little sister Noel came home from New York (Jealous) and it was so good too see them, I honestle missed them so much.
So after I got done at work in the office, I went over to my salon and did the adorable Andrea Wisers extensions which they look amazing in her hair, and then came over to my parents house because my little sister Noel called me and wanted me to come over and curl her hair so I did, and then I got here and they had gotten me a new purse which is adorable, new perfume which is fabulous, and a new night t shirt, and Randy a Fire Fighter T shirt which is way cool. HE abolutely LOVES it so thanks Mom, Dad, and Noel.
Well I think this is going to be a super short post, I'll make sure to take pictures this weekend for our one year anniversary and make sure too post some here on my blog since I'm slacking at uploading photos of my "Pitcher Perfect Life!" ;)
Well Im out for now everyone have a good night ya'll and I'll talk to ya'll soon! <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

Holy Moly... Time Flies

Well, I cannot believe that it is August 15th already.
Yesterday, August 14th was my sister in law Kelszi's Birthday, and it also was the year mark for me since I went through the temple for the first time. Wow.
Thats all that I can say.
This Saturday August 20th is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I cannot believe this, time seriously flies especially when you're having fun. I honestley cannot believe it.
This past year has definitely been the best year of my life, I absolutely love married life. Being with my Best Friend all the time is the best blessing I could ever ask for. He makes me laugh  when I don't even want to smile. Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest.... Why? I do not know. Because it's been all fun and games and ..... oh wait I probably shouldn't write that stuff on the blog! Hehe! :)
This saturday were going to the SUGARLAND concert which I am way excited for, it shall be a blast Randy and I always have so much fun at concerts! And then he has some other stuff planned for the weekend which I have NO idea what they are but that is okay, I am up for anything!
Well, today here at work the day has been going by way fast which I am not complaining one bit, I need to go home and clean some more when I get home, cause my house right now with all my laundry that needs too be done looks like a tornado has gone through my house which is an OFTEN accurance which it shouldn't be.
I am going to try to be a better house wife by:
1. Keeping the house clean and tidy EVERY DAY.
2. Making Randy and I lunches to take to work EVERY DAY.
3. Make a yummy yet healthy dinner, with a light dessert EVERY NIGHT.
4. Make time so that Randy and I can have time to spend just with each other EVERY NIGHT.
5. Make sure Randy and I read our scriptures daily.
6. Make sure Randy and I say our daily prayers night & day.
7. Start going on walks together at least 3 times a week at night for exersize and to just have a good talk with one another.
8. Keep each other smiling.
9. Continue writing in our "I like book" daily. (Our book we write one thing we like about the other every single day, and cannot repeat they have to be different. We've done it well since December! )
10. Continue to say I love you before either one of us leaves the house.
11. Always kiss goodnight & good morning!

Lets hope that I can keep too that.
Well this past Saturday the 13th I threw my best friend Ashley Christensen her bridal shower because she is getting married September 17th, and she deserved to have a bridal shower, and I think it all turned out well.
Anyways, well maybe I should be a good receptionist and get back to work. BORING! :)
Well, peace out and I'll be back soon hopefully.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Luxi & Gentrys Blessing

Today two of our beautiful neices got blessed Gentry Faye Pitcher and then Luxi Francis Harris they're are both so beautiful and we are so happy to have them in our lives.
Randy and I love being an aunt and uncle, they're so fun too play with, we also got to see Randys brother Mark his wife Brittany and their two kids Taelor and Kaecen which was so good because they have both gotten so big since we saw them last, we definitely need to make the effort and drive up to Idaho Falls to catch up with them more often, right now were at Bob & Toshas (Gentrys Parents) house, watching Tangled sitting on the couch watching Tangled while Bob and Tosha took some stuff over to Budds house our sweet old grandpas house, and we get to watch Gentry while they're gone for a little while, she sounds like a little piggy swinging in her swing perfectly content.
Randy and I love children so much, and want our own children so very badly we know that our time will come when the time is right so its nice to have so many of our neices and nephews here close too keep us both content in the mean time.

Well our great plans for this upcoming week are work work work work and probably some more work, which is fine which means more money money money! Which hey I'm not complaining.
We went to the Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, and Luke Bryant concert this weekend and I won tickets to Mark Wills and Thompson Square which is on Wednesday and hopefully Mark, Brittany and their kids are coming back up next weekend for the Cache Country Fair, and then on the 20th is our one year anniversary which insanity that it has already been a year since we have got hitched!

Well my time is limited tonight were gunna have dinner and watch Soul Surfer which is definitely a great movie I highly recommend you all to watch it if you havent seen it! So menana!